Serving Evergreen, Conifer, Morrison, Golden, Lakewood, Littleton and Surrounding Areas.

I've been making spaces beautiful for many years.  It's really an obsession of sorts, if I have to be honest.  I have staged gift shops, furniture stores, showcased homes for fundraising galas as well as a Parade home and of course the homes of family and friends.


My most favorite memory is working on the home of a good friend's Mom.  She had lived in her first and only home for decades.  Taking care of children, and grandchildren and rarely taking care of herself.  Updating was out of the budget and out of the question.


We put up some window treatments, reframed some favorite family photos, added a display cabinet found in a consignment shop, a couple of new accessories and rearranged the room.  You should have seen her reaction.  It was if we just gave her the world.  She never forgot and neither did we.


I have a degree in Psychology with a minor in Fine Art.  I have a 4 year certificate in Biblical Studies and a lot of additional course work.  I am not formally trained in Interior Design, for that I attended the School of Hard Knocks. Some gifts are innate. 


I have learned from all my experiences.  I was a Design Assistant with Lauren Brooks Interior Design.  She is a truly gifted Designer.  I managed and staged a gift shop as well as Furniture Showrooms.  I've had a wonderful set of experiences and I am ready to continue.